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29 July 2012 @ 07:20 pm
I feel like I'm falling out of touch with fandom. I can't watch SPN since I can't get it on TV so waiting for the DVDs to come out.

Might read some BigBang fic to get myself back into the mood.

Anyway, life good.

Fasting is going ok tbf, I thought it would be hard. But thankfully, it's going good. Next year might prove interesting when it falls on the last 2 weeks of school. But hey ho.

S3 of Leverage DVDs finally released in the UK and mine came yesterday! S4 also released in October.

Writing at a standstill, I might wait til BB is finished and then post? Who knows. See first point for clarification.

Birthday was good, turned 25 and my sister was taking the piss as I am now a quarter of a century. Cheeky cow. Lol.

OMG Jared's piccie of Thomas! SO CUTE!!!

Anyway, I'm gonna do some reading

10 June 2012 @ 03:30 pm
Had to drop out of BigBang this year, never done that before. I feel super horrible, but I'm having some troubles at home and I really cannot do anything fandom-ish right now. =(

Looking forward to reading over the Summer though. It'll be nice to get back into the hang of things again.

Dealbreaker is still on hold, my beta has taken a leave so I have no one to read through it. Oh well. I am getting less and less involved in fandom, might give up soon tbh.

Back to work tomorrow after a week off for half term, managed to get some marking and planning done today which was good. I have 33 student folders to go through and sort out. Took like 6 hours of my life!

I watched Star Terk for the first time yesterday. It was WICKED!!! I am in love with a lot of the cast memebers anyway so this film was an absolute treat. Both my sisters weren't into it first but then were more excited than I was. Lol

Insurgence in 2 weeks approx. We had Daniel Gillies and Torrey DeVitto drop out last minute for work commitments. We got Claire Holt as a replacement, which I am excited about. Fave actor attending has to be Nathaniel Buzolic though. I am a huuuge Kol fan.

My 16y/o sister had her final GCSE exams now as well, she has 4 left bless her. Then she's off to college in September! I cannot get over it. She's grown so fast, my mum always said that she's still a little girl. Lol. Much to my sister's dismay.

I was hearing about the Fifty Shades trilogy all over the place so I got curious and downloaded the first one onto my Kindle. I finished it within 5 hours and then downloaded 2 and 3 and finished them in another day. Have to admit, some parts did make me think... erm. But on the whole, it was ok. Reminded me of some fics that I've read though. Was quite funny. Lol.

I got my hair cut yesterday after aaaaaaaaaaaages. It's now shoulder length and feathered. My nan says it's too short and my Dad doesnt even know yet. Whoops.

Lots of new music bumping around. Adam Lamberts new one is wicked I heard it on the radio just now. Kelly Clarksons new one is nice. And I am oddly in love in Cheryls new song. Which is weird tbh.
29 May 2012 @ 09:56 pm
Wow *brushes off cobwebs*

Not been on here for a while! I apologise, life in general has been super busy but good busy me thinks.

1) I have another yr contract at my school, it's great! I am uber hapyy about that.

2) Fic on a standstill for a while, I have no beta and not comfortable posting unbeta'd fic. Unless someone volunteers, itll be that way for a while sorry.

3) Half term this week. I have a pile of BTEC marking. Owie.

4) Dad back for 10 days, it's nice. I think not seeing him for months makes us miss him more, he hasnt done anything crazy and noones fallen out with him or anything.

5) My 19y/o sister just finished her 1st year uni exams, in the process she was diagnosed with anxiety. It was the most annoying 2 months of my life. She kept saying she was having a heart attack, cancer or something else unimaginable. Idiot.

6) My 16 y/o sister also has her Yr 11 exams now, she's super stressed and a lot of my free time is taken up helping her. She did her art exam today, I'll post some piccies soon. I need to rememeber my Photobucket login.

7) Asylum 8 was last weekend. Like every con Ive worked, it was so much fun. Super guests and the attendees were great. Highlight was the whole weekend. I did fall in love in Mark Pellegrino a bit more and Matt Cohen was an all time fave.

8) Insurgence 4 in about 3 weeks. Looking forward to meeting Nathaniel Buzolic more than Ian for some reason. Lol.

9) I'm not even gonna try to catch up on SPN til the DVDs come out, I've only watched the first episode and have the next 3 saved on my laptop somewhere. DVDs would be easier. I've read most of the synopsi (plural of synopsis???)

10) Fallen in love with The Walking Dead recently, since we dont have SKY I have to wait till it comes out on normal TV or Freeview. Its on Channel 5 now and I am super happy. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Daryl, he is by far my fave character of the show.

Can't really think of much else.

Hope all is well with everyone else.

Stay safe!

13 May 2012 @ 11:49 am
I cannot wait for SPN S7 to come out on DVD, since I dont have SKY I can't watch it on TV. And I dont have much time to watch it online- I only managed to watch the first episode.
29 April 2012 @ 05:59 pm
Sitting in bed with a chest and ear infection.

Can't say much.

Can't hear much.

Feel like I have been run over by a truck.

18 April 2012 @ 07:05 pm
So, apparently I havent been on here for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages/

1) Went to Dubai for 2 weeks to visit my Dad. He works there permanently and we spent the whole Easter with him. Did lots of shopping, since it's tax free stuff on comparison is pretty cheap. For example, petrol in the UK is approx. £1.40 per litre BUT it's 30p a litre in Dubai. Wow.

2) Back to school this week, since we landed on Sunday at 5pm I am sooooo tired and really in need of sleep.

3)Nate Buzolic coming to I4 in June, I am so excited! He is my fave original in the TVD series after Klaus, no before... okay, so I like them the same. Kol maybe a little more.

4) Dealbreaker is ona break, excuse the pun. My beta hasnt been well so it's on a hold, anyone able to beta it while she's off would be awesome. But I'm not getting much feedback for this, I might give up writing after this one and stick to art. Then again, I'm not very good at either, am I?

5) While we were in Dubai we had the Disney channel. I am not addicted to: Good Luck Charlie, Suite Life, Sonny with a Chance, So Random and Wizards of Waverley. Apparently I have reverted back to 12 years old. Excellent.

6) Work is good. Tiring at times with the BTEC stuff I have but good. I have another year contract at my current school. And just before Easter also passed my NQT year. YAY!

7) I am sooo behind on SPN, I might just wait for the DVDs and watch it then. I watched the first 2 of this season and then, since I dont have Sky it was too much hassle. I have been reading and watching small clips of the show on YouTube.

8) I'm a few eps behind on TVD aswell, not as many as SPN but the last one I watched was when the Originals were woken up by Elijah. Again, need to catch up soon.

9) I have been addicted to this song:
29 February 2012 @ 06:11 pm
So, I managed to secure a year contract at my current school so I'll be there another year. I'm really excited about it as it means I won't have to change schools again. I really love the department and the staff there, the kids can be difficult but I'm dealing so it's all good.

Really looking forward to Easter, I think we're going Dubai again to visit my Dad. Not sure yet.

Life so far has been busy. And I spent a lot of time just working or marking and in this weekend an awful combination of both.

A song I have fallen in love this this week:
19 February 2012 @ 02:47 pm
I was always a Damon!girl for Vampire Diaries... love Stefan too but I always preferred Damon.

Until S3 that was...

Spoilers for UK viewers under the cutCollapse )
14 February 2012 @ 06:03 pm
Title: Dealbreaker 13/?
Author: trueshellz
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Summary: Jensen and Jared are both lawyers; each with their own life and routines, but a turn of events forces the two to work together.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: No one belongs to me except the original characters
Beta: write_in_red Thank you hunni! Sorry for the delay, I've not been well and going on the last chapter I don't think this is going well either.

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8 - Chapter 9 - Chapter 10 - Chapter 11 - Chapter 12

Chapter 13Collapse )
13 February 2012 @ 08:25 pm
I finally managed to watched THOR last night with my sisters.

OMFG it is an awesome film!

Plus it has awesome eye candy

Which means, I am so looking forward to The Avengers

31 January 2012 @ 09:46 pm
Was supposed to go on the treadmill today, but I have somehow, unknown to me, managed to twist my left ankle and walking on the damned thing kills so running would be out the question. Not impressed at all.

January... well it has been cold! I cannot get over how cold it has been, my car's been frozen almost every morning and my lab at school is like an igloo. I hope February is slightly warmer.

New guests for Insurgence- Malese Jow and Torrey DeVitto, both are awesome and my sister's are really happy.

Job is going well, apart from my Yr 9 class who drive me potty. I had an observation with them. Everything that could go wrong did. It was awful. BUT I am hoping it's better by the next one, which is after half term. Speaking of, I have next Friday off and will be going shopping with my younger sister.

Have a 1.5 hour training session tomorrow at school so my first lesson is cancelled and the kids get in at 10am. Which means I have double Yr 11 BTEC and double Yr 10 BTEC. Oh joy.

Not many comments on the last chapter of Dealbreaker... slightly worried =(
Right, showered already, need to sort out myself for tomorrow and I am off to bed.
28 January 2012 @ 04:42 pm
Title: Dealbreaker 12/?
Author: trueshellz
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Summary: Jensen and Jared are both lawyers; each with their own life and routines, but a turn of events forces the two to work together.
Rating: NC- 17
Disclaimer: No one belongs to me except the original characters
Beta: write_in_red Thank you hunni!

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8 - Chapter 9 - Chapter 10 - Chapter 11

Chapter 12Collapse )
23 January 2012 @ 08:22 pm
Originally posted by obstinatrix at To UK Flisties
Originally posted by de_nugis at To UK Flisties
(Taken most recently from amberdreams, slightly adapted.)

If you're from the UK and you believe in freedom of speech and an uncensored interenet, you really need to sign this petition. There are others floating about, but that particular one is the best way to ensure that your voice gets heard. It's hosted on the directgov website and addresses parliament directly. If it gets more than 100,000 signatures, it becomes eligible for discussion in the House of Commons.

Everyone's been getting so worked up over SOPA -- and rightly so -- that ACTA seems to have slipped under the radar. This is hugely problematic, because ACTA is a similar bill, but it has the potential to be far more damaging than SOPA ever could be.

Some people seem to have this misconception that ACTA is the 'European SOPA', but that simply isn't true. It's a global treaty, and it's already been signed by eight countries, including the US, Japan, New Zealand and Singapore. Europe votes on Thursday. If they vote 'no', the bill will have to be taken back to the drawing board and reformulated, which should buy us some time at the very least.

If you think this doesn't affect you, you're wrong. If ACTA passes, it could well signal the end of the internet as we know it, and that isn't an exaggeration. It's not just about watching movies and television online. If ACTA passes, sites like YouTube, Livejournal, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and even Google and Wikipedia could become impossible to maintain. ACTA would allow ISPs to monitor your net activity and cut off internet access for your entire household if one person is suspected of breaching copyright. Think Big Brother is Watching. I don't think I need to emphasise just how damaging it can be to be without internet access in this day and age, when we rely so heavily on technology.

It's not only bloggers and fandom that would be affected, either. Small businesses, independent film-makers and unsigned musicians who have previously found their niche online would also suffer hugely, and would be at risk of being bullied into submission by Hollywood and multinational corporations under accusations of copyright infringement. All those artists who found fame by uploading covers of songs to YouTube would never have had the opportunity to do so under ACTA, as those cover versions would be prohibited.

I know the internet has its problems, but to my mind it's the single greatest invention to come out of modern times, and it would be an absolute travesty if we were to lose that now. From a personal point of view, I can't even put into words how important this is to me. I've met some of my closest friends through the internet and online fandom, people whom I would likely never have met without it, and it's given me this amazing social support system. I don't want that to end here, and I want to preserve it for future generations so that they can have the same experience and opportunities I've been given through my online interactions.

I know that opinions on the seriousness of copyright infringement and online piracy vary wildly, but that isn't really the point. Internet giants such as Google are opposed to this bill, and it's pretty safe to say that they're not in favour of copyright infringment, as anyone who's ever had a fanvid taken down from YouTube will be painfully aware. Whatever your stance on copyright, this isn't the way to go about dealing with it. This is dangerous legislation that impeaches on some of our most basic human rights, such as the right to privacy and freedom of speech.

So if you're from the UK, please, please sign the petition. If you hail from elsewhere in the world, there may well be similar movements in your own country, but I think the most effective thing anybody can do right now is to keep talking about this. Talk about it on Livejournal, on Twitter, on Tumblr, on Facebook, and anywhere else you can think of. Make sure this issue is never far from people's minds. The internet is an amazingly powerful tool: let's utilise it while we still have the chance.

Please repost and spread the word :)


Please consider reposting this, especially if you have a large proportion of UK flisties. And please consider spreading the word via other platforms: Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, your own personal network.

16 January 2012 @ 06:34 pm
Title: Dealbreaker 11/?
Author: trueshellz
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Summary: Jensen and Jared are both lawyers; each with their own life and routines, but a turn of events forces the two to work together.
Rating: G
Disclaimer: No one belongs to me except the original characters
Beta: write_in_red Thank you hunni!

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8 - Chapter 9 - Chapter 10

Chapter 11Collapse )
Current Mood: lazylazy
15 January 2012 @ 07:10 pm
I went shopping today with my sister for some clothes for work.

I bought a really nice dress and trousers... they're both size 14!!!

I was so excited I began jumping up and down in the dressing room, lol!

In other news, my beta isn't too well so Dealbreaker might be delayed... I'll let ya'll know when I know anything else

09 January 2012 @ 09:30 pm
I bought a waistcoat and trouser suits from NEXT a year ago but never wore it since the trousers were too tight and they cut off any functionality.
I tried them on last night and they fitted and I wore them to work today.
I was squeeing!
05 January 2012 @ 09:05 pm
I am so proud of myself, I have up to Chapter 15 of Dealbreaker typed up and up to Chapter 18 planned out.

05 January 2012 @ 08:39 pm
My New Year's Resolutions this year are as follows:

1) Complete fic in time. I have Dealbreaker to complete and some annoying bunnies that won't leave me alone.

2) Lose some weight, I'm a comfortable 16 in tops and 14/16 in trousers but I really don't like it and feel huuuuge when I look in the mirror. I might post a full piccie on the weekend- if I feel comfortable with it. I'm gonna do Zumba and treadmill more often.

3) Eat healthier. It's not like I eat tonnes of junk. We have no fizzy drinks, crisps or biscuits in the house and we only buy chocolate for school where a pack will last my family of 8 people a week and a half. But, I need to eat a bit healthier me thinks- see point 3 above

4) Post more on LJ and other social networks. My mates always say that I tend to dissapear off the face of the planet at weeks at a time and they get worried.

5) Take some me time. Work and family take up so much of my time, if I'm not doing one I'm doing the other.

Anyone made any New Yr's Resolutions?
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03 January 2012 @ 12:17 pm
Title: Dealbreaker 10/?
Author: trueshellz
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Summary: Jensen and Jared are both lawyers; each with their own life and routines, but a turn of events forces the two to work together.
Rating: NC- 17 (Finally right?)
Disclaimer: No one belongs to me except the original characters
Beta: write_in_red Thank you hunni!
AN: I apologise so much for this! This has been waaaaay overdue. BUT I have four chapters (working on the 5th now) ready for betaing and posting so I should (hopefully) be updating once a week. YAY! =D

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8 - Chapter 9

Chapter 10Collapse )
01 January 2012 @ 11:20 pm

Hope everyone has an amazing 2012.