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Complete Asylum Report

Okay, I just typed this whole thing up now... I unfortunately missed some panels
To warn people, if you do not like Danneel that is fine, do not bash her on my journal

Okay, so registration was a nightmare in itself… printers were broken apparently and instead of starting at 2pm it started at like 4pm… uh oh.
We queued for ages, my legs cramped, it was hot, hotel has little AC and I felt like a boiled potato.

Anyway, after the queuing there was the J2 pic… both Jared and Jensen looked tired. Jared had literally came from Heathrow airport after waiting for someone to pick him up… no hugging or touching coz there was a tonne of pics to be taken and boys were sitting coz they were tired and getting sore backs from bending down for us normal height people. I know some people are saying that the boys didn’t acknowledge them and I can see that happening coz they were talking between each shoot. So I made it a point of saying hi to them just before the pic and thanked them afterwards.

Looked awesome as always and in his panel was scruffier. You could also see the distinct fuzz on his chest… suggesting he waxes. Go Jared!
Anyway, he talked about his dogs and mentioned that Harley was the lazy one that likes being petted while Sadie was the conniving alpha female. Sadie also needs a lot of exercise or she started wrecking havoc.
Like Jared is he did a pretend ‘I am taking my shirt off tease and then laughed full head thrown back when we cheered… instead asked his bodyguard- who was on stage with him- to do it. He refused. Lol.
When some said he was perfect he did an arm pump and was happy coz Jensen couldn’t have got that comment
The best scene was the Yellow Fever
The hardest scene was the first 15- 20 minutes in 4.21
Best prank was when he pinched Jim’s toes… and he really was pinching that hard but Jim didn’t budge instead opened his eyes and called him an ‘idjit’
In 4.21 the scene that we all know if you’ve seen it was using rubber walls, the room had the roof removed and Jared and his stunt double were pulled by harnesses. Jared did a re-act of it but less gracefully I quote
When someone said ‘hi I’m x’ he would answer ‘I’m Jared… and I’m polish.’
He knows a few words in German… I think yes and no were the only ones
Knows some in Spanish or Italian and spouted a few off much to our liking
He did the Blue Steel and ‘I lost my shoe’ of his own accord
He forgot the Latin exorcism when someone asked him and felt bad coz he should know it and took Latin when he was younger,
Likes playing Sam coz its different that playing the sweet guy like he did in Gilmore Girls
Jared began his J2 panel saying that he took his first bath- Jensen said that Jared smells
He hopes there is a Season 6 but doesn’t wanna stay in the a TV show is on just because they wanna make money he wants it to have substance so he can be proud of it and make the fans happy
Jared could not understand any accents… Lol
Jared would hide an elephant in the crotch of Jensen’s pants
He would not go nude for PETA but has a huge commitment to animals and it was very sweet
He crushes on Kate Winslet
Sam has killed more than demons than Dean… and he saves the host
In the auto room he doodle all over Misha’s pic and made him a pirate. Also they were chucking sweets at each other over the room… everyone went mad
He played hide and seek under a table in the photo room
He stole the honker from the Impala in 1.22 since he didn’t know if he was coming back… it was 3am
Mocked Jensen for the 3rd person reference
Sent love from Jefferey
At one time he laughed so hard he almost fell off the chair

He did not get into a fight with Jared but had LASIK surgery done when referring to the bloodshot in his left eye (OUCH), I felt sorry for all the camera flashes his way. Probably why he had shades on in Day 2
Mentioned Danneel as his girlfriend. He was playing golf with Jason when she rang him and said she bought a dog. He asked if it was a big manly dog. She said it was a cockapoo. He had no idea what it was till she explained it was part poodle part cockle spaniel. He was like ‘oh god’ and when he went home there was a bundle of fur that looked like a stuffed toy. When he said she should have got a rescue dog she said that this dog needed rescuing but just cost money. The dog is male and called Icarus (Ikarus?) and whenever he sees Jensen he bounces like a metre high.
Said that ‘what he lacks in masculinity he makes up in personality’
Loves Harley and Sadie even though he in tiny and weighs like 15 pounds, one time he was mid bounce and Harely swung his head and Icarus ended up doing a helicopter.
Icarus is also the wallpaper on Jensen’s phone
Was very happy when we cheered when he mentioned her, his reaction was ‘right? Love her’… very cute
Said he would take a Colt from the set but can’t imagine being given a gun, joking said Sam but then said ‘actually, you guys can have him’
Best ep was ‘In the Beginning’ coz Jared wasn’t there
Dean may have killed more coz Sam went off to college
Doesn’t know any of Dean’s catchphrases till he says them and fans make them catchphrases
Ws surprised at being in ‘Heat’ magazine and called in ‘trash’ lol
When asked what the last thing they put together was he answered that it was gym equipment
Jared is messier coz he has dogs and is hairy
In the autos, I asked him to pass a ‘hi’ to Danneel for me… his whole face lit up it was awesome.
Referred to himself in the 3rd person by accident
He almost fell off the chairs
Keeps the back of the set chairs with him name on and his mom sticks them up
He went to Paris, Scotland and then came to the UK
When someone asked for him to do the Eye of the Tiger he flat our refused, some idiots boo’ed! Grr
Found Yellow Fever very fun
Said he could answer questions all day
He and Jared have no MySpace, Facebook or Twitter… or any other networking site

Matt said that if he could be any other character he would be Mary coz he wants to play a blonde female
Said he wants to marry his girl- Mandy Musgrave- who was also with him at the con and is adorable and very sociable with the fans
Spires to be like JDM and watched his be John
When he was asked who has him starstruck he said that the fans made him smile so much his face was hurting and we were his stars. Aww
No pranks, but Jensen asked him out… and he didn’t know if he was serious
He doesn’t read much coz he reads scripts
Kept saying Jared, Jensen and Misha to make us cheer… found it very fun
Fitted right in even though he seemed nervous
Said that SPN was the best thing in his career
Drew hearts on his autographs
After his ep he said he kept the comb over for a few weeks
Said John chose the Van to make a family with Mary
Read Jensen and Jared’s diary and they were more than supernaturally disturbing

Had much shorter hair than SPN
Said the boys would not dare prank her coz shes their mum
In a pillow fight she would be the last one standing for the same reason
Got a Mary Winchester necklace as a present
Said Josh Duhamel was gorgeous and even prettier in real life
Never met Shia
Was 7 months pregnant in the new Transformers… so she can say to her baby that he was on TV too
Left her baby with her husband at hime
Doesn’t get too upset till she sees another baby
Has read all the twilight books
If she could she would keep the nightgown
After a weird question, said Mary probably didn’t remember at random o’clock in the morning not to get up coz the baby was crying and the immediate reaction is to get up and feed him

Adorable and very cute
Said she has a twitter
Last read a bunch of scripts
Would keep the shirt that Mary wore and actually bought one that looks just like it
Also got a Mary bracelet, said it was better than the set one, lol
Kept the hair extensions from the show
Said that the fight scene with Jensen was awesome but he went easy on her
She did her own stunts
Said she loved the con and was overwhelmed
Finds SPN scary
Watched the older Mary on TV but was told to make the younger one ‘her own’
Mentioned the cut scene from the ep; Mary said she hated the car when she walked out
Didn't know Dean was her son because original character was called 'Mark'

Oh my god where do I begin!
He danced with some fans on stage… proper club dancing and grinding and everything coz he said on Saturday that he would come to the night party but no one picked him up so he proceeded to have a disco on stage
Was one of the original Bronx Breaks and demonstrated that he still rocks by doing some moves on stage
Was shot at 15yrs
Made his first million at 14yrs the wrongs way- by selling drugs
Got into acting by his mentor
Said if he could be a plant, would be a jasmine coz they smell nice
He would be batman
Hendrickson would be a hunter if he wasn’t killed
Would call the Impala ‘Baby come home’
Normally told the truth but lied to an 18yr old girl about his age- he was 16yrs and said he was 18
When I was taking my Gabe pic- the Malik ones had sold out- he gave me a huge hug anyway
Something only specific people would understand- he personalised my frame and asked my name I said ‘Shehla’ he said ‘oh like Inshallah’… I was floored. Lol
The tat on his stomach means ‘reborn’
Enjoyed the con very much and would love to come back
Held hands and hugged Gabe a few times too
He would like to be telekinetic
When some boy said I want ice cream for a joke he gave them money for some!

Oh my god what an adorable guy!
I fell in love with him even more in this con
He said that if he was Jensen for a day he would pout, go modelling and go clubbing
He’s an amateur martial artist- no one can see him coz his moves are so lethal we would die
Would also be batman
He said he hates spiders and sharks… to an extent he screams like a girl
According to him you know you’re a man when you save your wife from spiders
Apparently, they lost his wife on Friday autos! Lol
When asked about short man syndrome he said that his friends thought he was tiny compared to the boys
Loves the mind controlling abilities esp when someone said that he can control God! Lol
He said that he can crunk
He bent down to grab a pen he dropped, we cheered and he straightened up embarrassed. When he dropped it again he wouldn’t bend down instead pulled it using his feet
Was scared to drive the Impala after all the looks he got, he drove at like 2 mph
Would call the Impala ‘Gabe’s Sweet Ride’
He tried to beat his ‘Skills Like This’ record
The AV guy put it on the screen as ‘skillz like dis?’, then ‘skills like dis?’ and then finally properly
When he asked to have Gabe is a tall and awesome (maybe) man the AV wrote ‘no chance’
It was brilliant
Fell into acting and has loved it since

Sang for us twice… SPN style
Mentioned that he got kicked out of high school for getting a tonne of fake prop blood, putting some under his shirt and in his mouth and then for a presentation getting his friend to stab him with a retractable knife… except it didn’t work because theirs was another day. So they went out of class and into the corridors which was crowded so they decided to play fight and Fred got ‘stabbed’ he made s huge drama and spat all over a cheerleader and dragged himself outside and pretended to die. He then jumped up and everyone applauded, then someone said ‘the nurse is coming’ and he pretended to die again and the nurse came out and he spat all over her and then she has a nervous breakdown so he got expelled for it
The nurse was also a casting director who used to turn up to work drunk and he called her on it she hated him
So in school she was the nurse who gave then TB jabs… and ended up giving a bunch of kids including him got TB and the CDC came in to investigate
He said yellow contacts were uncomfortable and the scene in the camp site he was being walked around by a PA so he wouldn’t burn himself or fall over like he did a few times
They used to place a light on the cameras so he would know where to look
JDM is taller than him so when he did the first scene where he wants the Colt and John’s life as he walked up to him he had to look up which is why his head tilts up
One young fan gave him sweets, he gave her a kiss on the cheek and proceeded to eat them on stage… one got stuck in his teeth and he turned around to pull it out
Told an irish joke and a dirty joke and one about a rabbit… for the life of me I can’t remember them!
Told a ghost story about the New Jersey ghost on the train tracks… they held a séance and a ghost appeared, they tried to talk to him but instead he kept swinging, he flickered a few times, zoomed across the tracks and when they tried talking to him again he turned into a million bright spots and vanished. They all ran off. When they tried to go back it was closed off by some experts who picked up on the activity
He has a friend who is an actual demon hunter after the aforementioned incident
He swore it was true on his kids’ life
Lost was fun except the lying on the hot beach in thick clothes
Loved playing Azazel and would play no one else

I missed a lot of his panel on both days… no fair
He retold the Jared dog story… it was great in person
He mentioned he was scared of flying and stupidly watched Phantom Traveller on a plane and scared himself senseless
When he was younger his sisters tried to make him to the Bloody Mary thing… after watching the SPN ep he was tempted to tell them that they tried to kill him
The dog in the Trickster first ep did not behave at all times

Okay, so I missed his first panel but caught the second
He did his Tibetan throat singing
Confirmed it is him in Twitter
Said he wouldn’t miss ponies too much
Can’t live without food and water and eventually sleep
Called Christians crazy
Kept at it with the innuendos… much tour delight
Called someone a crotch photographer… later found out it was Ash (purplephoenix03) naughty girl!
Couldn’t understand a lot of accents… then again neither could I
Didn’t know what a Purple Nurple was
Would invite Hilter and Barbara Bush to dinner and then feel her up
Said they had an Indian driver called Bubba who drove him and Robert Wisdom and proceeded to do the typical Indian accent… apparently he drove them around the long way to the hotel on set
Robert Wisdom is an older version of him coz they had so many similarities
He would ask Castiel his fave clour
Angels have no opposable thumbs so they can’t change their clothes or pee
When someone mentioned the angel hierarchy he asked where Castiel was, she said the bottom… he said something across the lines of ‘of course he is’
By saying long term plans, he thought of an office building
He thinks there will be a season 6 and for it to be good he has to be in it
Columbo is not Jimmy’s dad… despite the coat
Would like an episode where Castiel discovers sex and is like ‘what are these strange feelings?’, Dean and Sam would be tied up and beaten while he tries to save them but gets side tracked by babes
Said babes would include Pamela Anderson an Miley Cyrus *headdesk*
In the end it would fade to a lot of bodies under the bedsheets
Asked all the single women to move to one side when he discovered that all the attendees were not married, so he could see who was available
Knows that some people were taking vids when they were pretending to fix their top or take pictures
Outed slashers and said they were too sensitive, when someone said that he insulted them he said ‘fuck you’ and also said that he doesn’t judge them and will go home and write some himself
US is too political
He is pro women
Superpowers would be to grown turnips… said no one eats them and groceries only have them to look exotic
Wanted to know where security was, someone said that Jensen and Jared had them all
When Doug walked in to tell him that Jensen was running late with autos he pretended to make gasp faces and outraged faces… like Doug was telling him a big secret
Jared came in and stuck big angel wings on his back… it was awesome
Saying Kripke’s name gets you cursed according to the Italian Mafia.. you wake up paralysed (or was it blind?)
In the auction, he did it in dollars because pounds are funny money and make believe, so he did it in dollars
Took the mick out of himself when he wrote the letter attached to the script
Did auctioneers voice… and very random auction
I think it was sold for $850… but I could be wrong
Also did the Ali G accent
His mum was a professional story teller and he thought acting was dumb until he tried it
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